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Shivaanjali Sangeet Vidyaalaya
by Shivani Joshi

Winter/Spring 2024 Classes

After viewing the listings (below), visit the registration page.

In-person and online classes available for:

  • Kids (5+)

  • Teens

  • Adults

  • Seniors

  • Men

  • Women

  • Boys

  • Girls


  • Individual: $55/class

  • Group (2-6 students): $28/class

Duration and Frequency:

  • 55 minutes

  • Once per week

  • Four times per month

All students are encouraged to attend the FREE weekly drop-in riyaaz (practice) session:

  • Vocal: Sundays at 9:00AM

  • Kathak: Sundays at 10:00AM

Kathak Dance

Beginners Group Kathak

Experienced Group Kathak

Individual Kathak

Hindustani Music
Genres: khayal, bhajan, folk, ghazal & geet

Beginners Group Hindustani Vocal

Experienced Group Hindustani Vocal

Individual Hindustani Vocal

Beginners Group Harmonium/Keyboard

Individual Harmonium/Keyboard

Senior Specials

Seniors Group Dance Movement

Seniors Group Vocal Music

Group Songs
(Short term)

Prepare to perform group songs (bhajan, folk, ghazal, or geet) for a local function or celebration.

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